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What does the name XBLUE Networks mean?

X - represents a crossing of communications technologies. To provide the best value to small business XBLUE’s current and future products will offer a powerful combination of communications’ technologies including digital, wireless, VoIP, WiFi and Bluetooth.
Blue – a symbol of our strong commitment to always be unique through providing our customers with both valuable yet distinctive solutions.
X-Blue Systems

45 P


Maximum Configuration
9 Telephone Lines
24 Digital Speakerphones
4 Analog ports
8 Voice mail ports (Requires Small Business Voice Module)

Base system

3 Lines and 4 Telephones and 2 Analog Ports*




Maximum Configuration
6 Telephone Lines
16 Digital Speakerphones
4 Voice mail ports with 2 hours of message storage

Base system

4 Lines and 4 Telephones




Maximum Configuration
20 Telephone Lines
48 Digital Speakerphones
8 Analog ports
8 Voice mail ports with 6 hours of message storage (Requires Xplus 100 Integrated Voice Mail System)

Base system

3 Lines and 4 Telephones*

* Voicemail not included



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