Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7

If you have heard the whispering from your techie friends that Windows 7 is coming to the End of Life cycle, well, it is true.
Many of our clients just went through the ordeal of upgrading various devices from their beloved Windows XP to Windows 7 and now they have to do it again?
No. What this means is that the SALE of Windows 7, mainly Home Premium and Ultimate versions have reached their end of life on the sales cycle. These versions have also reached their End of Mainstream Support which means that there will no longer be patches or upgrades to these versions. The good news is that Extended Support will continue until January 14, 2020 so no need to rush out and purchase new software just yet.
What do you need to do? Until the next newest, latest and greatest comes out (which Windows 10 look VERY promising) make sure that you keep your updates done and if you have not installed the next service pack for your version, make some time and do it. This will ensure that your device is running at its best.
If you are not sure what service pack you have, we can assist you in determining the service pack you have and if necessary, install it for you.
What does this mean for you or your business?
If you have already upgraded to Windows 7 Professional, keep your updates and make sure you have the latest service pack installed.
For more information, please refer to the Microsoft website.

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