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How To Use Keywords

Everyone who has looked into online marketing has heard of keywords. How do keywords really fit into getting found online? In reality they play an extremely vital role in any online marketing effort. There are two main ways to utilize keywords: pay per click advertising and organic search.

Here is how Google search results work:

The first thing to come up are the pay per click (PPC) advertisements. These positions have been paid for by the company so that when certain search terms are entered, they show up at the top. This can get fairly expensive however since you are paying every time someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website. Knowing the correct keywords to use for your products or services is essential to any successful PPC campaign.

Showing where the PPC ads are in Google search results

After the PPC Google puts their map results. These are businesses that you may be searching for or relevant places. If there are any news articles matching your keyword search, those are placed next after the map results. Being included in these maps can be very helpful to customers looking for your type of business. Use of correct keywords in your internet marketing is essential, as this is where Google gets the information to decide what businesses to list.

search results example - map

Next are the Organic result listings. These are the sites that have been indexed by Google relevant to the keywords searched. These are also listed in order of how important Google thinks each website is. This is where incorporating correct keywords is the most important.

search results example - organic results

Keywords that are relevant to your business and are popular search terms must be incorporated in the copy of your website, written into certain parts of the HTML of your site and used in all of your context. These are the words and phrases that you’re targeting, and should be the ones that you most want to appear at the top of search results when they’re searched.

Now, this may seem pretty straightforward, and for the most part it is. Say you’re selling Dell computers, obviously a keyword would be “computer”. But here’s where doing your research is necessary: you cannot just use the keywords you think are popular. The key is to find what keywords your target consumer is most likely to use and this is accomplished through research. Don’t assume your idea of a popular keyword for your product is actually a popular search term.

Determine who your target consumer is, do your research, and use the top keywords for that demographic. Decide if a pay per click campaign is right for you, and concurrent to any other online efforts, improve your organic ranking with the search engines through the use of your keywords.

Get Found Online…Without Getting Scammed

It’s common knowledge these days that getting found online and Search Engine Optimization are important keys to expanding your business. Almost every company, whether B2B or B2C, is trying to find their place in the new online communities. There seem to be endless opinions on what to do and how you should do it, but how do you avoid scams that penalize you with the search engines?

The only guaranteed way to get to the very top of search engine results is to pay for those positions. Following the best practices of search engine optimization and investing the time and care needed, you can get to those top positions organically. One of the most widely agreed on contributing factors is link building. This means cultivating connections and building links from other websites going to yours.

This is where it gets tricky. There are many, many websites that advertise that they will provide a link to your site if you simply submit your url to them. It seems easy right? Submit the url to several of these sites and gain the benefits of the incoming links. But this is where it goes wrong. While this may seem like a simple solution to the problem of finding links, it can actually penalize you with the search engines. Many engines (including Google and Yahoo) see these “link farms” as a kind of SEO spam so to speak. If they mark you as part of this spam, it can actually hurt you a great deal in getting to the top of the results.

The truth is, when it comes to link building with SEO, there is no shortcut. Each link to your page has to be a legitimately earned link. This shows the search engine spiders (that crawl the web and rank websites) that you are a legitimate, trustworthy website. Tricks and shortcuts won’t help to get you to the top of search engine results, but can land you at the bottom.

So to really improve your website and get found online more easily, don’t fall for the tricks of websites advertising to make it so easy. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Build connections, create relevant content for your site and get involved with social media as it’s appropriate to your business. Be true to your company and your products and create content that is interesting to your customers. If you do those things you’re destined to rise to the top of the search engine results – no tricks or scams needed!

Voice and Data Services Simplified

Telecom Services

We offer telecom voice and data services from over 25 different providers to provide the exact type of service that best fits client’s requirements. So let’s take a look at service and some of the key players. Read more »

Viruses & other malware… why do we get infected?

As I am out in the field a lot, it is a common question that I get asked, especially since most people that get infected already have some sort of security software.

It was only recently that I could say not to open suspicious attachments, or go to websites you’re not supposed to be going to at work (such as porn sites, gambling sites, or even social networking sites).  These days, I can’t say that anymore.  To add further insult to injury, I can’t say that your anti-virus or firewall software is going to provide you with the full protection.

Well, why?

Read more »

Happy Holidays

The air is getting cooler, the days are definately getting shorter and everyone is buzzing around with a smile on their faces so that must mean it is holiday season again.
I do love this time of year. It is a time of reflection for me. To think back on the past year and look at all I have done and hopefully have made, if ever so small, a difference to someone.
This past year has seen its trials and tribulations without a doubt. Businesses have been hit hard by the economic situations, families have been affected, and no one has been immune. Eventhough it has been a very tough year for us all, I am truely thankful.
Why? Well, it is simple really. I am thankful that I have a loving family that is supportive. I am thankful that I have good friends to laugh and cry with. And I am thankful for all of my fellow co-workers for without them, we would not have had the great year that I feel we have had.
No, we didn’t set sales records, no, we didn’t get the fancy new gadgets we wanted and no, we didn’t grow as much as we wanted to. But, we did help out some great clients that needed our services at an affordable price, we did manage to hire some great people and most importantly, we did keep our small company family together.
I am also gratefull that I can look toward the future and see what tomorrow has to offer. Every day is a new opportunity for growth, both personal and professional. Every day is a new opportunity to touch someone’s lives for the better and every day is another chance to say “Thank you for being there.”.
So, as we go through the busy holiday season, planning your trips, spending time with friends and family, and pushing through the sales lines at the local department store, remember to stop, take a deep breath, and tell someone “Thank you!”. It is a simple little sentence that can have such a big impact on someone else.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.
Thank you for being my friend, co-worker and client.
Happy Holidays,
Gary Bailey
Managing Partner


What is SEO… Search Engine Optimization!

Turns out this is a very big subject. Basically, if you want the search engines…such as Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Altivista et al…to place your site on their first page of responses when someone is looking for something like your product or service…then you need to do a little fine tuning to your site in order to get them to do that…for free.

Of course you can always pay for placement at the top of a page and this works too. But you pay “per click” and it can get very expensive.  That’s also called “buying advertising” which I am sure you are familiar with.

Optimizing your site for high search ranking is a time consuming and long term strategy. The only shortcut to the top of the search engine rankings is to buy your way there…as mentioned.

To get there the old fashioned way…ha!…means researching the most improtant keywords people will use when they go to  search, getting those keywords embeded in the code of your site, making sure your site’s content reflects and re-uses those keywordsand…last but not least…getting your site linked to many other sites…or rather…having many other sites “linked back” to you.

This last item is crucial to raising your SEO ranking because it in effect…represents a vote for the wonderfulness of your site. Highly ranked sites linking to yours  tells the search engine company that lots of people like you and therefore they should rank you high as well…and put you on their first page!

Got all that?


I feel your pain. Luckily, there’s tons of information available to do all this.

Just one example is this link… the top 50 social networking sites:

Social Networking? Thats right. Facebook is the #2 most visited site on the Internetz…after Google!

Give us a call if you want some help  getting an SEO plan in motion.



The Foons

Don’t forget the Foons. The what? The Foons! The what? The Foons you fool, the Foons!
Haha…thank you inspector Clouseau! He was talking about PHONES. Everybody knows you need phones for your new venture of course but did you know that VoIP phones let you expand with a remote work force that looks, sounds and acts like a centralized enterprise to your clients/customers?
To get an idea of features you can get for the same or less cost than plain old vanilla phones…look at this features list of a typical open source VoIP system:

What we do

Business Telephone Systems!
(Traditional & VOIP)
Business Telephone Service!
(Low cost T-1, Cable, Remote office)
(low voltage wiring, overhead paging, security cameras)
IT Services!
(Windows & Linux, Internet, LAN, VPN, Backup)
Web Services!
(Hosting, Email, Anti-Virus, Spam…)

Reducing Small Business Overhead

There are two costs associated with Telecom  ( Phones and Internet)

The first cost is the usual one…i.e. the cost of the service. Reduce the cost of equal or better service and you have a winner. All businesses should, and many do, monitor their telecom costs and make changes when a savings is obvious. Some do not however. For whatever reason…the chaos of day-to-day survival, nobody assigned to look into it, not knowing there are choices…etc. many businesses overlook this sometime hidden cost and “bleed” “leak” “spew”…fill in the blank…revenue unnecessarily by paying too much for telecom and Internet. Prices have come down in the past several years. If you haven’t checked your rates against all the competing carriers recently you should do so at once. I’ve seen many businesses paying 20%-30% more than the going rate without even knowing there were competing carriers and better deals available.

There are “Dealers” around who can shop your service to ALL the available carriers and get you the lowest and best bid available for your location(s) You can also call the carriers directly yourself for quotes…if you have the time and/or personnel to spend on this. Going with a dealer gets you the same or better rate however and saves you the trouble and time.

The other “ cost ” associated with Telecom is what you are NOT doing. Technology you are not taking advantage of is probably costing you money each and every month and quarter. Here’s an example: Small business with 20-30 employees has a basic phone system but does not have an “Auto-Attendant” feature. A receptionist or rotating employees answer the phone for the business and route and handle the calls. Many of these calls are routine inquiries or requests to talk to a specific employee, get directions to your office, ask for your fax number etc. etc. The man-hours wasted by having a salaried or hourly employee do these tasks is costing this small business $400-$500 per month. Many small business owners cling to the idea that having a live person answer the phone communicates a higher level or higher quality of service to their customers. In actual fact, in today’s world it is more likely a negative message to the client base. An efficient “auto-attendant” built into the phone system can say more about your commitment to the latest innovations as well communicate the value of your time. A good system will get the caller to the right person faster too.

Having the phone system “follow” you when you’re away from the office…if you so choose. Being on an extension to your office phone when at home or traveling…setting up remote workers ( Sending and receiving fax’s from your desktop and direct line. Being able to record calls either on-demand or globally. (handy for sales training, monitoring customer service, legal issues…etc.). These are just a few examples of how today’s phone systems can reduce “costs” by taking advantage of technology.

A good office systems consultant can help you understand these capabilities and their ROI. Educating yourself online is another way to begin the process of understanding where and how you can Lower your Overhead!

David LaCroix is a Nashville based Telecom and Marketing Consultant

Twitter: david_lacroix


CCSG Announces new Complete Fax Service for the TVS PBX

We are proud to announce the new complete fax service for our TVS PBX phone system.  Now you can send and receive unlimited faxes from your desktop without any monthly or per page charges!  Unified Messaging has never been easier.

How does it work?

That is the easy part.  Your TVS PBX does all the hard work for you.  When a call comes in, the TVS PBX listens for a fax tone and if one is detected, the call is directed to your virtual fax machine which will receive the fax, convert it to a PDF and email it straight to your inbox!

Your DID (Direct Inward Dial) number is now the most important number you will ever use.  Not only do you receive your voice calls but now, you can receive your faxes as well.  Just one number to remember, and most importantly, one number for your clients to remember.  Your inbox will receive all of your messages, both voicemail and faxes.

But what about sending?

No problem.  with just a few clicks, you can send a fax from your desktop in whatever application you are working in such as Word, Excell, Outlook etc.  Sending is as easy as 1-2-3.  No more wasting paper to print, then get up and go to the fax machine to send the fax.  Have a sensitive HR document you need to send but don’t have time to wait by the machine to ensure that no spying eyes see it?  Send from your desktop.  Make sure your privacy pollicies are not in jeopardy of being violated.

Save TIME – Save MONEY.  Contact us to find out more about this exciting new feature for the TVS PBX.  Call 615-690-8650 and press 1 for SALES to learn more and receive a free, no obligation consultation.

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