New Area Code & 10-Digit Dialing

New 629 Area Code

Starting on February 28th, 2015, all calls in the 615 area code will require you to dial the full 10 digit phone number.
This is due to the new 629 Area Code overlay which will come into effect on March 28th, 2015. This new area code overlay will be the first for Tennessee’s six area codes. With the increasing popularity of smartphones, VoIP service providers and alarm providers requiring dedicated phone numbers, the 615 area code has been depleted. This is happening all across the county with almost 70 area code overlays either in place, pending or planned in North America.

What affect will this have on you?
Your telephone number will remain the same.
The price of a call, coverage area or other rates and services will not change
What is a local call today, will continue to be a local call tomorrow
You will still have to dial 1+area code+number for any long distance calls
You still can dial just 3 digits for 911
If your community offers other services by dialing 3 digits such as information, that will remain the same.

If your business uses a dialer or your phone system/fax machine is pre-set to dial numbers for you such as speed dials, you will need to have them changed to include the area code for local calls.
For those of you with a TVS phone system, you can just contact our support team and we can setup your system to continue to dial all local 615 numbers as a 7 digit number.

Information was gathered from notices from the Tennessee Regulatory Authority.

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