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Q: What is a PBX and why do I need one?
A: The term PBX comes from the original term PABX, which is an acronym for Private Automatic Branch Exchange.  Essentially a PBX is a private telephone switch that allows a business to have more employees than telephone lines thus taking advantage of the natural economies of scale that begin to occur as headcount increases.
Over time, the PBX has grown to incorporate all sorts of advanced features such as voicemail, unified messaging, auto attendant (Interactive Voice Response), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), call queuing, telecommuters, softphones, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and more.  These features allow companies to receive incoming calls efficiently, employees to interact more effectively, and sales or call center organizations to manage call professionally.  PBX features allow smaller companies and teams to sound and function like the Fortune 500 enterprises.
The TVS is an enterprise-class PBX system designed with the small and medium sized business in mind.  The TVS is turnkey, scalable, fully supported, and costs 30 – 70% less than comparable systems.

Q: Why is a TVS IP PBX better than my current KEY system?
A: Many small companies use KEY telephone systems.  Large manufacturers sometimes offer these products but, for simplicity and cost, think of them as the inexpensive phone systems you would find at your neighborhood retailer.  Key systems are feature-lean, not scalable, and make small companies sound small.  The TVS, on the other hand, gives small and medium-sized businesses true PBX features such as voicemail, auto attendant, telecommuter support, VoIP and/or PSTN capability, and more.  If a company needs call center capabilities, the TVS provides robust ACD reporting with unlimited queues, call recording, call barging, monitoring, detailed reporting and more.  The TVS gives small and medium-sized business these capabilities at prices comparable to key systems.

Q: What else do I need to get my system setup and running?
A: The only thing you need besides your TVS server and phones that you purchase from CCSG, Inc. is dial tone.  TVS provides you the most flexibility to choose your telephone service type and service provider.  You can choose your existing PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) line, an Integrated Access T-1, or an Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP) VoIP service.  The TVS will allow you to connect to both the PSTN as well as a VoIP service provider giving you the most flexibility as well as affordability. 

Q: How can I save money without using a VoIP Service Provider?
A: The TVS saves you money on installation, maintenance and support.  Traditional PBX and KEY systems require third party installers to come onsite, which can cost you thousands in labor fees.  The TVS is essentially plug-n-play, which makes setup easy.  To get started, you plug in the server and phones, then make a call to CCSG support.
The dreaded MACD’s (Moves, Adds, Changes, Deletions) that all phone systems need from time to time are so easy with the TVS that you can even do them yourself and avoid additional third-party labor charges.  The TVS also offers you the flexibility to make certain calls with a VoIP provider and others using a PSTN line.  You can save hundreds every month using VoIP for local, long distance, and international calls.  Now with SKYPE© integration, you can include more free calling to other Skype members.

Q: Do I need a PBX Technician to Setup My TVS?
A: No. The TVS is designed as a turnkey telephony solution for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have telephony professionals in-house. The TVS is ready to use when it arrives. When your TVS IP PBX arrives, all you need to do is connect it to the network via an Ethernet cable, and follow our TVS Installation Instructions to setup your server to work on your network. Additional customization typically includes assigning your server a static IP address, plugging in your phones, and entering your user information for each phone extension.  Or, this can be pre-configured for you.
After that, you can configure your TVS to handle your incoming calls through the web-based Administrative Panel. These last two steps, adding user information for each phone, and configuring your queues and call treatments, will require access to a PC on the network with a web-browser. That’s it! If you have any issues with your installation, our Technical Support Team is an email or a phone call away. With each shipment, we schedule a post installation appointment to ensure that your server is set up correctly, to answer any remaining installation questions, and to show you how to use the most common features of your new telephone system.
Customers sometimes require a highly customized deployment due to complex network configurations or specialized application needs. In these cases, a CCSG, Inc. Certified Professional Installer can help. We provide a wide range of services from site surveys and deployment to on-site training and application customization.

Q: Does the TVS PBX Integrate with a CRM System?
A: The TVS offers the ability to integrate with web-based CRM systems such as SugarCRM. When an agent receives a call, the TVS does a quick query of the CRM system and displays the profile of the customer who is calling, so that agents can view their history before they answer the call. TVS integration with a CRM system is a powerful way for businesses to better manage customer and partner relationships.

Q: How Does TVS Work in My Network?
A: The TVS fits seamlessly into your network. Plug the system into your office router and plug your IP phones into your network anywhere. (Certain configuration settings may apply. Talk to your account executive for specifics.)
VoIP Setup

Q: Are CCSG, Inc. ’s Systems Secure?
A: Yes. CCSG, Inc. takes great care in ensuring that our customer systems are secure and private. The data that is sent from the on-premise equipment to the data centers is encrypted. Your phone conversations are private, and all your voicemails and audio files are stored on your premise server so only you have access to them.

Q: Can CCSG, Inc. Listen to my Calls?
A: No. Your phone conversations are private.  You are connected to the PSTN or ISTP to make your calls. 

Q: Are Voicemails and Recordings Private Too?
A: Yes. Audio files are only stored on your premise server. Even when you use the TVS  User Control Panel to listen to audio files, you are actually listening to them on your
on-premise TVS server.

Q: Does TVS Provide Me Off-Site Redundancy?
A: Yes. CCSG, Inc.’s data centers provide a variety of services for CCSG, Inc. customers. For starters, every system that is installed makes a weekly system backup to our data center.  This means that if problems occur, your system can be “rolled back” to a previous configuration state.

Q: If My Internet, or CCSG, Inc. ’s Internet, Goes Down, What Happens?
A: Your system, including calls, voicemail, and conferencing will continue to function as normal. However, during the outage you will not be able to view the User Control Panel via the web-based Administrative Panel from outside your location. If the outage is on your end, you will not be able to make VoIP calls. In addition telecommuters will not be able to connect to the system during an Internet outage.

Q: If My Server Crashes or Unplugs Will My Phone System Still Work?
A: No. Just as with any telephone system, you will not be able to place or receive phone calls without your operational TVS phone system. We recommend a battery backup for all systems and PoE Switches.

Support Questions

Q: What are Your Support Hours?
A: For normal (non-critical) support issues, North American customers can call CCSG, Inc. from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM central standard time.
Critical (system-down) support is available 24/7.

Q: How Do I Access Support?
A: Contact us online via our HELP DESK HERE or by phone at 1-615-321-8350 . Support packages and hourly support is also available.






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