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To provide affordable and reliable communication and computer solutions using the best technology available without sacrificing quality or customer service.

Company Profile

We have over 60 years of combined expertise in voice and data communications. CCSG brings both technologies together with their Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and digital phone systems as well as IT services, affordable phone & internet service, web and email services and office wiring.


President of CCSG, Inc

Gary Bailey, a US Army Veteran, has over 18 years of experience in the telecommunications and IT industries in Middle Tennessee and has a valued reputation within the telecommunications community as a professional and knowledgeable businessman. He has had success running such companies such as Telephone Installation Service until 2003 when he was recruited to be the Sales Engineer for NuVox Communications designing complex voice and data networks for their clients.

In 2007, Gary took over operations of TN Communications, a T. Marcus & Associates company which also owned CCSG, Inc. Recognizing a need for a single solution provider, Gary brought both companies together to provide clients with a complete telephone and IT solutions provider. So, in December of 2008, TN Communications and CCSG merged to bring a powerful team of telecommunication and IT professionals together to service their clients and authorized dealers.

In April, 2010, Gary purchased CCSG, Inc. from T. Marcus & Associates and is continually moving forward with growth and innovation offering the latest in voice and IT solutions.

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Tom Harris
Sales Manager

Tom Harris is a seasoned telecom sales and new business development professional.  Tom grew up in Baltimore and graduated from the University of Maryland where he played football and rugby. Tom began his sales career as a Communications Representative with The Western Union Telegraph Company in Washington DC and ended as a Major Account Manager.   Tom spent a good number of years in Washington DC area working for companies like Exxon Office Systems and MFS.   He moved To the Middle Tennessee area in 1995 and has worked for various telecommunications companies in Nashville.

Tom’s role at CCSG is Sales Manager and he is in charge of the company’s sales and development efforts.  CCSG manufactures and distributes an Asterisk based VoIP PBX called the TVS.  The TVS is the wave of the future for small to mid size businesses.



CCSG builds computer networks (servers) and designs low voltage cabling systems.

Forging great working relationships with our clients, CCSG is a true, one call solution provider for the next generation of business technology.

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