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TVS Phone System

The ATOM has gone GREEN! With only 120W power consumption, it is one of the

most energy efficient phone systems on the market today!

This release adds to the already successful lineup of VoIP PBX systems by CCSG. The A800, the A2400 and the D100.

Download the system features At a Glance in this PDF.

Get the new TVS User Guide HERE .

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The TVS ATOM is the next model in a line of VoIP phone systems that are being made affordable to the small to medium sized business.  No longer is this technology reserved for the large enterprise. The TVS ATOM incorporates all of the features without the large expense.

TVS is changing the face of IP Telephony for the thousands of small and medium-sized business that need affordable, feature-rich phone systems.  Today, the TVS serves small and medium sized businesses processing thousands of phone calls each day. 

Five Great Reasons to Choose TVS:

  1.  Saves Money

Not only do TVS phone systems cost 60-80% less than digital phone systems, but TVS customers can also save on installation, maintenance and support.  Additionally, TVS customers can save on monthly toll costs associated with remote offices and even external business when used with VoIP service providers.  When a new employee is hired or systems changes are required, TVS customers can use the user-friendly web interface to make changes themselves, eliminating the need for “the phone guy”.  From initial purchase to ongoing maintenance, TVS continues to focus on delivering the highest value, lowest-cost IP PBX telephone solution available.

  1. Saves Time

TVS is extremely easy to deploy.  It can literally be ordered, shipped, unpacked and operational, in a matter of days.  The TVS web-based Administrative Panel makes it simple to configure call menus, employee extensions, hold music – literally every feature from any web browser and typically without any changes to your network.  Additionally, the TVS monitors every system function for health and system status.  The TVS focuses on managing the phone system, so our customers can focus on managing their business.

  1. Makes Employees More Productive

The TVS and the User Control Panel solution offer businesses complete control over their communications.  Employees move seamlessly between the office, homes, and even the road.  They decide when and how they are contacted and can always find colleagues quickly and effortlessly.  Customers and external contacts are impressed by professional interactions with knowledgeable employees.  The increased productivity is really quite remarkable.

  1. Helps Small Businesses Grow

With support for conference calling, IVR, customizable call queues and advanced call center functionality, Outlook, Web, CRM integration, graphical desktop tools, and an affordable price, businesses finally have the features larger businesses have had (and paid for) for years.  With a navigable migration path and the productivity features of larger, more sophisticated enterprises, the TVS may actually provide the platform for growth itself.

  1. Market Proven

Thousands of business have already deployed the base for the TVS system and are reaping the benefits of an enterprise-class phone system.  From a small oral surgical practice to a large convenience store supplier, TVS’ solutions meet the demands of any business environment.

Businesses looking for an advanced phone system that can deliver high values at affordable prices should look no further.  Call 1-615-690-8650 today.

TVS VoIP Phone Systems
TVS Pro TVS Atom Atom 1U Rackmount
TVS Professional TVS Standard TVS Rackmount

We have a variety of SIP phones to meet every need and budget. Click on the images below for more information.

Aastra Grandstream Polycom
Aastra Grandstream Polycom


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Zoiper (Formerly IDEFISK)

X-Lite Windows Version

Need a copy of the TVS User Guide? Get it HERE!


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